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Programs for cattle breeding
The goal of the program SANDI (dairy cows), TONI (fattening bulls) and FLORI (heifers) is to increase the quantity and quality of produced milk, to ensure the utmost progress in your fattening herd, as well as to improve the production performance of your heifers. 

With SANDI, TONI and FLORI programs, each liter of milk pays off, dairy herd progresses and maximum profitability is achieved.
Programs for small ruminants
Programs TENOR (sheep) and FLUVIA (goats) are adapted to the diet of small ruminants.

Use of specially adapted diet for this animal species guarantees you maximum progress of lambs and increases the milk production.

With TENOR and FLUVIA programs, we guarantee the quality of your final product.
Programs for pigs
SUPER CONCENTRATES Sanders are mixture of rich cereals and protein feed of superior quality.

The recipes are made with the highest quality corn and grain from the fields of Vojvodina and they ensure maximum progress of your animals.

With SUPER CONCENTRATES Sanders and your cereals, provide yourself with the best results.
Programs for poultry
VOLI STARTER, VOLI GROVER, VOLI FINISHER and VOLI KOKA are specially formulated concentrate mixes for good breeding and final fattening of chickens, as well as for excellent yield of hens.

With careful selection of raw materials, you get stable progress and profitability.

VOLI is the feed that chickens love indeed !
Programi za kućne ljubimce i konje
Od nedavno u ponudi SANDERS SH se nalaze i proizvodi renomiranih proizvođača SOPRAL i DYNAVENA:

- programi za kućne ljubimce - više informacija ovde

- programi za konje - više informacija ovde


The Sofiprotéol Group is moving forward, and has now become the Avril Group.

Avril is a powerful name - one that unites us.

It is a name that fits us like a glove.

Avril ("April" in English) is a name evoking the springtime that comes around every year, and the rhythm of nature - especially the rapeseed flowering period - and expresses our long-term mission: sustainable value in the oilseeds and proteins sectors by contributing to better food for humans and preservation of the planet.

Avril: the industrial and financial player of the oils and proteins sectors.

Founded in 1983 on the initiative of the French agricultural industry to ensure the future of sectors dealing in oilseed (sunflower, rapeseed, etc.) and proteins (peas, field beans, lupins, etc.), Avril is a major industrial and financial group, which is developing within and outside France.

Present in highly varied sectors - human and animal nutrition and renewable energies and chemistry - Avril hols a portfolio of high-profile brands, which are leaders in their market and include Diester®, Sanders, Lesieur, Puget and Matines.

In over 30 years, the Group has changed in size, but our purpose is still the same, as is evident from its mission: creating sustainable value in the oilseeds and proteins sectors by contributing to better food for humans and preservation of the planet.

The originality of its economic model makes Avril stand out as a group: a sector-oriented spirit, a solid shareholder group, an enduring commitment to each vocation, and profits that are reinvested in the development of its sectors.

In 2013, Avril had a turnover of EUR 7 billion and has 8,200 employees in 22 countries.

Key data:
  • 27,000 partner livestock farmers
  • 100,000 partner rapeseed and sunflower producers
  • In France, 100% of diesel vehicles run on Diester®
  • More than 100 companies supported by our investment and development company
  • 2 industrial business divisions


izdvajamo 1U stalnom napretku i internacionalnom razvoju, SANDERS STOČNA HRANA je osnovan 2012. godine uz podršku 100 godina iskustva grupe SANDERS, kao i dela internacionalnog tima i partnera u Evropi.

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izdvajamo 2Nedavnom kupovinom silosa u Temerinu, francuske kompanije SANDERS SH i Axereal nameravaju da intenziviraju proizvodnju stočne hrane u Srbiji, koristeći 90% sirovina s lokalnog područja.

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izdvajamo 3Saopštenje za štampu: SANDERS SH investira u Srbiji, s ciljem da podrži poljoprivredne proizvođače u radu na poboljšanju ekonomskih i tehničkih rezultata, čime dugotrajno osigurava svoje poslovanje u Srbiji.

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