Premixes and nutritional supplements

AZURBLOC UNIVERSEL - mineral feed for cattle, goats and sheep
Suitable for all ruminants. Its specific formulation in trace elements and minerals makes it very efficient. It strengthens the immune system, growth and fertility. It is recommended to monitor the daily intake to avoid excessive consumption (especially in animals that already have a diet enhanced with minerals).

BA BOVIN 1.5 - vitamin and mineral supplement for dairy cows
Vitamin and mineral supplement that increases milk yield and improves the quality of the milk due to the high content of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is usedduring lactation period and in the dry period. To add in the amount of 1.5% in the feed mixture fordairy cows.

CRISTALOR TEMPO –additional dietetic feed
This combination of different pH regulator acts on the whole digestive tract. Specific live yeasts act at the level of the rumen, so as to stabilize the pH value, improve digestion of plant fibers, stimulate swallowing, and decrease methane ejection. CRISTALOR TEMPO reduces the risk of acidosis - a metabolic disorder caused by excessive production of lactic acid and increased pH in the rumen.

CRISTALORBLOC PREPARATUM – mineral feed for cows in dry period
Its specific formula, enriched in trace elements, vitamins, minerals and copper makes it very efficient. It affects a better quality of colostrum, immunity and fertility, facilitates the expulsion of the placenta. It is recommended to monitor the daily intake to avoid excessive consumption (especially in animals that already have a diet enhanced with minerals).

It aims to increase milk production, and the protein content of milk, as well as to improve the quality of the hooves. Vitamins in this product are protected, and cannot be destroyed in the rumen. Therefore, this product has great power of absorption in the intestine. All vitamins have a stimulating effect on milk production, health and quality of hooves.

SAPHIR PALME –energy supplement to ruminants’ feed
An energy supplement for ruminants, representing a source of vegetable fats protected from decomposition in the rumen. Its high concentration of energy makes it an excellent supplement for cows in early lactation, and in the final stage of cattle fattening. It can also be used for lactating goats. It allows maintain of a high level of milk production, good lactation, and ensures the successful completion of fattening.

SAPHIR ÉNERGIE –glucose energy in pellets
Dietary supplement in pellets for dairy cows and sheep, SAPHIR ÉNERGIE stimulates lactation. Glucose is produced in the liver and is essential for the secretion of milk, because it participates in the creation of lactose. By intake of this supplement a possibledeficit of glucose is compensated, which is often the case in early lactation. This dietary supplement reduces the risk of ketosis, increases appetite, stimulates lactation and helps animals to recover from ketosis.

SAPHIR INTENSE – a source of energy
This dietary supplement is a protected source of vegetable fats in the form of calcium salts of palm oil fatty acids. Its energy resource makes it a good addition for cows in early lactation, and in the final stage of cattle fattening. It is also used for goats and sheep. This is a cost-effective and efficient energy source, which maintains a good meal structure. It allows lactating ruminants to maintain a high level of milk production, as well as a longer period of lactation, due to the reduction of the energy deficit. In cattle fattening, SAPHIR INTENSE provides a good finish.

SAPHIROLIDIF –ensures intake of oligo-elements and vitamins
It represents bolus for cattle over 400 kg. The bolus remains in the body of animals and gradually and evenly releases trace elements and vitamins for four months. It leaves no residue after components discharge. SAPHIROLIDIF covers the needs of animals for trace elements and vitamins when there are no any or little in feed, especially in the dry period. Preparation for oestrus and reproduction.

SAPHIR TONIC PLUS –helps good liver functioning
Nutritional dietary supplement intended for ruminants (dairy cows, goats, and lactating sheep) and cattle. Its nutritional purpose is to reduce the risk of the steatosis syndrome (fatty liver), which occurs in females during lactation and causes loss of appetite and poor milk production, and stunting and loss of appetite in young cattle. Good liver function enables the absorption of vitamins and trace elements. It facilitates the secretion of bile, which allows for maximum utilization of fat. Taking SAPHIR TONIC PLUSthe appetite returns. The females in lactation have good production of milk and cattle have balanced growth. It improves the general condition of the animals: the hooves are stronger, the hair is shinier,the resistance to diseases increases.


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